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Rumson Historic Preservation Awards Program

The Borough of Rumson wishes to recognize the efforts of those involved in preserving our unique architectural resources. Historic structures contribute to the identity of our community, and sensitive treatment of these resources ensure future residents and visitors will experience the same community character. Each year the Rumson Historic Preservation Commission may honor a project(s) and/or individual(s) for their contribution to the preservation of our historic resources.

For a historic property to be eligible, it must be listed on the Borough’s Historic Properties website, except those applying for the nomination of “New Construction that looks like a historic property.” The property may be used for either residential or non-residential purposes. Awards may be given either in recognition of recent work undertaken or of a long-standing commitment to preservation. Properties are judged on the basis of exterior appearance only.

We encourage you to recommend a local business, organization, or neighbor who you feel would qualify for one of the following awards:

Categories of Eligibility:

  • Restoration / Rehabilitation - Older structures where major original features have been carefully preserved or replicated for original use.
  • Stewardship - Effective ongoing maintenance and care of properties of historic and/or architectural significance.
  • New Addition - An addition to an existing historical structure that is consistent with the original architectural style of the structure.
  • New Construction - Any new structure that is consistent with the original architectural style of the neighborhood or that utilizes historic materials and techniques.
  • Preservation Champion - Celebrating an individual dedicated to preserving Rumson’s heritage

Preservation Award Nominations
Please note, most businesses, organizations and homeowners nominate themselves. The nominations must be submitted no later than July 31st, 2023. If you know of a preservation project or a special person who should be considered for an award, please:

Fill out the on-line Award Nomination form here.


Download a copy of the nomination form here,
complete the form, and submit your nomination by mail to:

Rumson Historic Preservation Commission
Borough Hall
80 East River Road
Rumson, NJ 07760

or by email to:

Winners will be determined by the Historic Preservation Commission. All decisions by the Commission will be final.

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