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Celebrate Earth Day 2022
EARTH-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES Learn ways to protect our unique natural resources, and maintain and protect our land, water and air while having fun at the same time. Each of the activities below can be an adventure in itself.
Download and complete them all!

Earth Day Bingo
— Fall Edition —

Created by the Rumson Junior Green Team to play with your friends, family or classmates.

Take the
‐ River Friendly Challenge ‐

Do your part to help keep our rivers clean by adopting as many river-friendly practices as you can.

Big Tree Hunt

Did you know that there are TWO state champion Trees in Rumson. Could there be one in your yard? Join the Big Tree Hunt to find out.

Go Birding!

Birds provide insect and rodent control, plant pollination, and seed dispersal. Get to know our local birds by keeping track of birds you see around Rumson.

Where Does It Go?

Play this fun and informative matching game to learn what our recycling turns into. Then watch the recycling videos to see where it goes.

(Download the answer key here.)

...And don't forget to visit our VIDEOS page!

BONUS: Find a list of Sustainable Brands here compliments of our Junior Green Team!

Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI)

This Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) was prepared by the Rumson Environmental Commission using the existing Master Plan and accompanying Plans, Elements, Ordinances, Resolutions as well as additional materials available from partnerships, collaborations and programs the borough engaged in as part of its municipal duties. In addition, the Rumson Environmental Commission utilized information from governmental and other public databases, historical accounts and scholarly articles to create a comprehensive categorization of the natural and environmental features in and around our town.

It is our hope that this ERI will serve as an index of natural resources and information about the characteristics and environmental features of the Borough and that it will be used as a tool for measuring and evaluating resource protection issues when considering land use planning, zoning regulations, municipal ordinances, land use management techniques and development locations and intensity.

An ERI is an important land use tool and the natural resources identified here should be taken into account throughout the land use decision-making process. The inventory will serve as the basis for where the community should seek to protect, integrate and/or conserve resources. While making planning decisions, Rumson should consider the resources available and their ability to sustain a population while ensuring clean water and safe living conditions. This report should also serve as an educational tool for the public as it shows our residents and visitors where their resources are and provides insights about why certain land use decisions are made. It empowers citizens, environmental commissions, and planning boards to think about how they can further protect and plan for the sustainability of the municipality’s resources.

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